Producer: Name withheld for security reasons

Launched: 1983

Target area: North Africa, Middle East, Europe

Mediums: MW radio, Internet, Satellite TV

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Global Impact Report

Praise & Prayer Needs

Hanna Shahin recently shared this encouraging news about our Arabic-TV production: “I am writing to encourage you by saying that last month saw the first responses from Lebanese viewers to the television programs. From many years of experience, I know firsthand that materialistic countries like Lebanon, Israel, and others do not respond well to broadcasts in general. For many years that was also true of Tunisia in North Africa, in contrast to huge responses from Algeria and Morocco. I also know firsthand from my decades in radio ministry that Lebanon figured at the bottom of the Arab nations when it came to response to programs. So it was rather surprising and refreshing when our Lebanese leader reported having received a number of calls from Lebanese viewers.” Praise the Lord! Please pray for these Lebanese viewers and that even more would watch and respond to what they’re learning about God’s Word and His love for them.
Praise God for the encouraging response to our new Arabic satellite-TV broadcast! We have had over 13,000 views on our Arabic YouTube channel. This program airs four times per day via satellite to the Middle East, northern Africa, southern Europe, Australia, and North America! Pray for God to continue to use this exciting new outreach.

Arabic speakers – especially those residing in Europe – continue to be a large harvest field, desperately seeking a sense of peace and hope. Pray that the sound Bible teaching heard on TTB will reveal to them that true peace can only be found in the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ and through His Living Word, the Bible!

In order to minister to the many immigrant populations now living in Holland, TWR-Netherlands began providing TTB’s Dutch, Arabic, English, English (African), Somali, Turkish, Romanian, and Persian programs on their local website. Users can access TTB in these languages via podcasts, downloads, CDs, mp3-players, apps for mobile phone, web radio, and online streaming. A local foundation in Holland is providing the necessary funding to make this ministry possible. Please pray for the success of this outreach.

Pray for peace and political stability throughout the Middle East and North Africa so that the gospel may continue to be aired without disruption. Pray also that governments in this region of the world would endorse complete religious freedom. Believers in countries where those freedoms currently are not available are also in need of our prayers for protection and courage.

For the safety and protection over the broadcast stations in Europe that TWR uses to broadcast to Central Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. TWR-Europe’s coverage area has a combined population of more than 1.2 billion people.

For the church in the Arab world to stand strong and firm against chaos and that Christian people would seek God’s wisdom. Pray that the broadcasts throughout this area will be effective in speaking to the hearts of Arab listeners and that the study of God’s Word will bring about reconciliation and peace.

Pray for open ears and ready hearts among the multitude of listeners who follow the programs daily. Pray that Christians in North Africa will be living testimonies of Christ’s love for their neighbors and authorities.

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Listener Testimonies

Email from Rami in Egypt: Prayer is the key for solving our dilemmas; I depend on it now since all doors are closed to escape the persecution we live with every day. Thanks for your prayers, and thanks for sharing with us the truth from the Word of God; yes, truth frees us from fear and worry. Please don’t ignore Egypt in your prayers, pray that God will bring His will about in this beloved country. I am determined to continue to listen to TTB Arabic, and especially to the studies from the gospel of John. Don’t forget to pray for us so God will fill His peace in the area, because the war is rising. But God’s promise is true: “In this world you will have troubles, but take heart! I have overcome the world.” We are waiting for Him to fulfill His promises, for He is honest and just.

From Syria: I have come to believe that the Word of God is sweet, delicious, and living for me! Being close to it gives the feeling of security and peace even if chaos is all around. I cannot but thank God for making available a radio program like the Arabic TTB and people like you to help me – and I am sure many others – to know and live this truth.

From Saudi Arabia: I love TWR and I love the TTB program. I would like to get the Holy Bible; I cannot find it here in my country. I know I would sometimes need your help to understand what I’ll be reading, but I believe that I can depend on you to know and understand. I cannot thank you enough for TTB and how it is making me want to know more about Jesus and about His book.

From Egypt: The time I spend listening to the TTB program is giving me bread for my day and helping me understand the Word of God better and also get closer to the Lord. Thank you for always answering my questions. My prayer is that the Lord would send His light through His Word and that your program would always brighten the lives of many in our disturbed world!

From Jordan: TTB is my favorite program ever! You make a difference in everyone’s life!

From Egypt: I’m happy to find your website. I have downloaded some of the TTB Arabic scripts and I continuously study them and they are making me realize how important the Word of God is and how applying it to our lives is a great benefit!

From Saudi Arabia: I love you and I love TWR and I love the TTB program. I would like to get the Holy Bible. I cannot find it here in my country. I know I would sometimes need your help to understand what I’ll be reading, but I believe that I can depend on you to know and understand. I cannot thank you enough for TTB and how it is making me want to know more about Jesus and about His book. I am waiting to hear from you.

From Syria: I am not a Christian but I listen to your TTB broadcast since 2007. I learned to love Jesus through your program!