Arabic TV

Exciting New Delivery System for Our Arabic Outreach

by TTB  International Director, Gregg Harris
(January 2013)

When Dr. McGee gave us the vision to “take the whole Word to the whole world” there were only a few viable ways to deliver his wonderful Bible-teaching content: Radio, print, and cassette tapes. But he had the vision to understand that God would ensure His Word would spread to the entire world. In fact, Dr. McGee chose Revelation 3:8 as the theme verse for this ministry: “I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.”

God is opening exciting new doors of opportunity, and we are prayerfully moving ahead with new ways of delivering Dr. McGee’s Bible teaching. While radio remains the mainstay of our ministry, we are delivering TTB in many languages through the Internet, CDs, and digital memory chips that can be plugged into cell phones and speaker boxes for group listening.

Earlier this year, the Board of Directors approved the addition of another new delivery system: Arabic TV programs for delivery via satellite! This historic decision reflects our deep commitment to taking God’s Word to the Arabic-speaking world, because this program will be in addition to our seven daily radio airings of the TTB-Arabic program to Africa and the Middle East.

The program is being produced under the leadership of Dr. Hanna Shahin, founder of Endure International and former head of TWR’s Arabic department. Hanna also served as the speaker on the TTB-Arabic program in the 1990’s, so he knows exactly what it takes to deliver Dr. McGee’s teaching faithfully in the Arabic language!

Program production has already begun and our existing TTB-Arabic radio scripts are being used as the basis of each broadcast. The team is staying faithful to the radio scripts, while presenting the material in a discussion format. This is more suitable for TV viewers, yet assures that the content remains unchanged.

One satellite TV station was so impressed with the quality of the content and production that they offered us four airings every day at no cost to TTB! This means that we are covering only the program production and follow-up expenses – which are a fraction of the cost of our existing radio budget! The coverage of this station is enormous, reaching the Middle East, northern Africa, southern Europe, Australia, and North America! All that is required to view the programs in any of these areas is a satellite dish.

One of the most exciting aspects of this new ministry is that the staff of Endure International will be providing personal follow-up to as many listeners as possible. Face-to-face meetings are not only culturally appropriate in Arabic culture, they offer opportunity for tremendously effective ministry.

The Arabic TV team is building up our required 6-month inventory of programs, and we hope to be on the air by the middle of this year. We need you to pray for this vitally important outreach. At a time when there is great unrest and instability in the Arabic world, we believe God’s Word holds the answers for millions who are seeking to know God. Ask the Lord of the Harvest to bring in a mighty ingathering of souls in the Arabic-speaking world through the proclamation of God’s Word!

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