Producer: Hiroyuki Fukuda

Launched: 1979

Target area: Japan

Mediums: Internet

Global Impact Report

Praise & Prayer Needs

Recently, TTB’s Japanese program was taken off the satellite network on which we broadcast. The network was purchased by a new owner who decided to remove all religious programs. TTB-Japanese continues to air on the internet while we prayerfully seek a new broadcast platform. Please pray that God will open new doors of opportunity for us to broadcast our program and reach Japan with the Word of God!

For Christians in many countries who are not able to meet together and depend on the radio broadcasts for encouragement and teaching from the Word.

News & Articles

Deep and Wide: Ministry Update

Devastation in Japan

Audio & Video

None available.

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Listener Testimonies

This program was being broadcast on a satellite channel to Japan, but a secular company purchased it and took the Christian broadcasts off the air. At this time, we are streaming our Japanese program online. We have a partner in Japan that is handling the follow-up at no cost to Thru the Bible. We are grateful when our ministry partners do so much work to expand TTB and ask so little from us, and we do not want to burden them with the additional work of producing monthly reports. For this reason, we often don’t receive as much feedback from our unsponsored language productions. We are actively pursuing ways to learn about the impact of the ministry without unduly burdening our partners.