Back on the Air in German

TTB Goes Back on the Air in German

by TTB  International Director, Gregg Harris
(March 2013)

Every Thru the Bible language translation is a miracle of God. Now that Dr. McGee’s radio programs are distributed in more than 100 languages, it’s easy to fall into the trap of taking for granted how many miracles the Lord has accomplished in this ministry. There are so many obstacles to overcome in launching a new translation of TTB, and over the past 40 years we’ve witnessed God’s leading, guidance, and provision to meet every challenge.

You may not be aware that Dr. McGee reproduced the Thru the Bible radio program several times. In the late 1960’s he began with a two-and-a-half-year series, but felt he wasn’t able to include enough material with such a schedule. So in the early 1970’s he produced and aired the first five-year cycle. At its completion he believed he could do even better, so he produced a second five-year cycle, which is what we hear on the air today!

Following this philosophy of offering our listeners the very best, we sometimes choose to update an existing language translation. The reasons for such a decision are as varied and complicated as the international context in which we operate. Typically, the request to re-record a TTB language comes from the field leaders. This happened with our German program, when in late 2011 the leaders of TWR-Germany asked to discuss the possibility of doing a new production. In early 2012, I traveled to Germany to meet with the leaders and discuss their ideas. The result of our consultation was a decision to proceed with their recommendation.

The most important part of any language production is getting the right producer. TWR searched diligently to find just the right person to voice the new program, since our previous speaker, Rev. Hugo Danker, was moving toward retirement. Rev. Kai-Uwe Woytschak was a wonderful choice for this role, because when he first began working for TWR his job was to translate Dr. McGee’s edited messages into German in order to help produce scripts for the original TTB-German production! What better preparation could a person have to become the voice of Dr. McGee to his people?

I conducted an interview with Rev. Woytschak and asked him why he thinks it’s important for the German people to have a radio program teaching all the way through the Bible. He replied, “Because the whole Bible is the Word of God. It is not sufficient to read the New Testament and only some lovely parts of the Old Testament, for example Psalm 23. Imagine, when Jesus lived on earth, the Old Testament was His Bible! It is really a loss when we restrict ourselves to only a few parts of the Bible.”

The newly-produced broadcasts are scheduled to begin airing on April 1. They will be broadcast on radio in Germany and be available on the Internet. In addition they’ll also be available by telephone! TWR has a unique ministry in Germany that enables listeners to call a phone number and listen to an entire TTB program! Many thousands hear TWR programs this way.

Once again, the Lord has worked a miracle in bringing just the right person to serve as our German producer. Please join us in praying that He’ll now work miracles in the lives of all those who hear the new program!

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