Ministering to Millions in Russia

Ministering to Millions in Russia

by TTB  International Director & C.O.O., Gregg Harris
(September 2013)

Russia and the republics of the former Soviet Union remain one of the least reached areas on earth. For this reason, TTB has deepened our commitment to reaching this spiritually needy part of the world. In a recent meeting with a Russian ministry leader, I asked him how many of Russia’s 143 million souls are true followers of Jesus. His answer: Approximately 1 percent! This makes Russians one of the largest and least reached people groups on earth.

For many years we’ve used superpower radio to reach Russia. Currently we broadcast on a 200,000-watt AM transmitter that covers much of western Russia. But our passion to bring God’s Word to that country has led us to expand our outreach over the past two years:

  • In early 2012, TTB Russian started airing on two strategic AM stations in the key cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  • Recently we began broadcasting on a local station in the city of Norilsk.
  • TTB-Russian is now available online in a language-contextualized website. This means that anyone in the world may access the entire 5-year series on a website that is entirely in the Russian language (
  • The programs are also streamed on FEBC’s Russian ministries website (
  • TTB-Russian can also be heard directly via satellite anywhere in the former Soviet Union. This means that more than 200 million Russian speakers in the Commonwealth of Independent States can hear God’s Word!
As exciting as it is to consider how many people can hear God’s Word through these powerful delivery systems, what matters most is what happens when people hear Thru the Bible in their heart language and are transformed! We would like to share the testimonies of two of our TTB-Russian listeners that powerfully illustrate what God is doing in the lives of many of our listeners. Because TTB is available to our listeners every day, it gives them time to consider the claims of Christ and for the Holy Spirit to soften their hearts. We hear from many who are not yet believers, but they are greatly attracted to the programs. Such is the case for a woman named Alik who wrote:

I listen to your program and I always have a lot of questions. I feel that at times I want to talk back to the radio. This never happened to me before. I listen to a radio program about the Bible and it stimulates my thinking and touches my soul. I don’t know if I’ll ever believe in Jesus, but I know I’ll continue to listen to you.

This next testimony, from a gentleman named Krill in Tver, gives us a wonderful picture of the way God is using TTB around the world. He began listening and his whole world changed!

Through this broadcast I became a Christian; it was my first real exposure to the Bible as the Word of God. Before this, I visited a church from time to time, not understanding much, just trying to get in touch with the reality of God. I had the same kind of encounters with the Bible – just holding it, and reading a few words…this alone was a blessing for me. Now I know that God was simply preparing me for the next stage of my life, which was becoming your listener. Because of your Bible study program, I became a new man. Thru the Bible renovated my worldview. You can’t imagine what I felt – it was like floodgates of blessings that opened up for me. New truths, new ideas, new understandings were coming into my life as never before. I realized how beautiful and wise this book is. The books of the Old Testament became alive and, most importantly, understandable for me. I never realized how much meaning is there for my life. I continued to listen and my only complaint was that it’s not long enough; I need more! But then I realized that I need to practice what I hear. I need to treat my children differently and change my attitudes towards my wife!

Stories like these strengthen our commitment to work tirelessly to get God’s Word to the ends of the earth and to every creature! You have a very real part in making this happen, through your faithful prayers and gifts. Thank you for being a vital member of our global ministry.

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