The Movement Continues

The Movement Continues ... Here in North America

by TTB  International Director, Gregg Harris
(November 2013)

As we approach the 25-year anniversary of Dr. McGee’s passing, we've been looking back to see what amazing things God has done through the ministry of Thru the Bible. In our last newsletter, we celebrated how God has taken this outreach from a man to a ministry to a movement. This month we’re focusing on the wonderful way God has prospered the ministry here at home over the past quarter century. Then next month we’ll reflect on the growth of our global work.

Dr. McGee had a clear vision for our domestic ministry beyond his lifespan. In fact, he recorded several announcements to be played on the air after he passed away, including this one:

It’s not something strange that I should continue to teach the Word of God on this program. All of this was incorporated in the charter of Thru the Bible Radio when it was organized. It’s not because my voice is so wonderful, for it’s not – as many of you have testified – but we did not want the message changed. We have seen sound, conservative programs change at the death of the founder, the program grow liberal and weak, and finally fade into a whisper. We did not want this to happen to our program, and we trust it will not happen.

As we survey the ministry of Thru the Bible in North America today, we can confidently say that the ministry is as robust and strong as it was when Dr. McGee was with us. Some might even say that the ministry has an even greater reach, thanks to the many new technologies we are deploying. But there is no question that the message of this ministry has not changed!

Although the message remains unchanged, we have adjusted our methods to make our ministry more cost efficient. Many people are surprised to hear that TTB has only 17 paid staff. Yet when Dr. McGee was alive, the ministry had over 50 staff members! Since our founder’s frugality was legendary, it’s certainly not because there was wastefulness in the ministry back then. Rather, the use of technology has lowered our operating costs and need for manpower.

In the “old days” we used to have to duplicate and ship thousands of tapes to radio stations each year. Not long ago, our operations manager showed me an old journal ledger that was kept by hand to track each tape throughout the entire process. Today, all of these tasks are carried out electronically and can be managed by a few highly-trained staff.

Technology has also expanded our reach. While all of us at TTB love radio for its power to reach so many people, it has one major limitation: You must be present to hear the broadcast at a specific time. If radio were our only means of giving out Dr. McGee’s teaching, when someone missed a broadcast they would have to wait five years for the chance to hear it again!

Thankfully, we now have a variety of ways to hear the broadcast whenever you want and as often as you want:
  • The daily program is heard on more than 800 stations in North America – far larger than the number of stations we were on when Dr. McGee was alive.
  • Our Internet ministry offers streaming programs to listen online at any time. We also offer the entire 5-year series (including the Notes and Outlines) for free download.
  • TTB’s programs are heard on numerous websites, such as, and Reports indicate that Dr. McGee’s teaching is downloaded several million times per year from these sites.
  • The daily TTB program, “Questions & Answers,” and the “Sunday Sermon” program are podcasted on iTunes and 
  • The entire 5-year audio series may be purchased in CD or MP3 albums or on a USB flash drive.
  • Thousands listen to our programs at the time and place of their choosing via the TTB mobile app.
And while many things have changed in our ministry to North America, there are several things that have NOT changed:

The wonderful Bible-teaching content from Dr. McGee!

The impact of the faithful teaching of God’s Word
demonstrated in the lives of our listeners.

The faithful prayer support and generosity of our supporters who
make it possible for us to continue our worldwide media ministry.

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