Multi-Language App

Any listener in the world with the appropriate device can use our multi-language app to hear TTB in more than 40 different languages. We are working closely with our friends at TWR to get as many of our language broadcasts as possible into the system. Our eventual goal is for every one of our TTB language programs to be accessible via the app.

One of the most exciting features is the language contextualization of the app. Imagine going to a webpage that is in a language that you do not speak. This is the experience many people around the world have when they encounter English websites. Even if there is a radio program in their language, they are unable to access it if the writing is in a language they cannot read. When a user of the TTB multi-language app chooses their language, every screen is written in that language so they can easily navigate to the content they desire.

Download the TTB Multi-Language App for Apple and Android devices:

iTunes App Store
Android Marketplace