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The Power of Prayer: Inside the Engine Room of Thru the Bible

The Fruit of Faithfulness: The Multi-Generational Impact of Thru the Bible

Looking Ahead to 2016

Parlez-Vous Francais? 


God's Faithfulness to Thru the Bible in 2015

Overflowing with Thankfulness

The Miracle of Our Global Ministry

The Linchpin of our Global Ministry: Our TTB Producers

Led by God: How Your Thru the Bible Leaders Make Decisions

Going Deep and Wide: Ministry Update

Missions Challenge: 17,000 Islands and the World's Largest Muslim Population

Staying True to Our Founder's Vision

Going Deeper in India

Expanding Our Outreach to Iran

The Time of the Medes Has Come! TTB Ministers to the Kurds

New Bible Study Tools for a New Year



Celebrating God's Faithfulness in 2014

Seeing the Fruit of God's Word Planted through TTB-Kabyle

Celebrating the Ever-Growing Impact of TTB-Arabic Satellite TV!

The Paradox of Two Koreas -- Reaching a Divided Peninsula

A New Day for the U.K.!

God is Using TTB to Transform Lives in Italy 

Taking God's Word into Hearts and Homes in India
West Africa: Out of the Spotlight, But in the Heart of God 

Powerful New Tools for a Timeless Vision
Unchanging Truth for a Mobile World: Launch of the TTB Global App


Remembering the 25th Anniversary of Dr. McGee's Passing
The Movement Continues ... Here in North America
TTB: Growing from a Man to a Ministry to a Movement
Ministering to Millions in Russian
TTB in North America:  The Firm Foundation of Our Global Ministry

Celebrating 40 Years of International Ministry
The Hmong: Touching an Entire People Group with the Word of God

Focus on Brazil
Introducing TTB's World Prayer Team
Trusting God's Solution for the Suffering in Africa
TTB Goes Back on the Air in German
Exciting New Delivery System for Our Arabic Outreach

TTB's Home Listening Groups in South Asia 


The Year in Review
Taking the Word to the World's Largest Muslim Nation
The Freedom to Hear and Believe is Restored to Central Europe 

Reaching the Gypsies of Central Europe
Winds of Change Bring Opportunities for God's Word

China: Bringing God's Word to the World's Most Populous Country 

TTB Shines a Light of Hope in the Darkness of India 

Deepening the Faith in Africa 

Central Asia: The Most Unreached Region of the World

Spanish: The Dawn of Dr. McGee's Vision for Global Ministry

Taking the Gospel to One of Communism's Last Strongholds

Introducing TTB's New International Director

Russia: The Forgotten Country


Gloria a Dios! TTB Reaches Eager Souls in Cuba

A Certain Sound in Uncertain Times

Devastation in Japan

Bringing Light to Dark Places

Wielding the Sword

Fishers of Men


Indonesia: Strengthening in Faith

Touching the Lives of Rural Listeners and Pastors

Intimidated But Not Robbed of Joy

Hope to Somalia

An Unexpected Response

Save Me! Our Creole Producer Reports How God Has Not Abandoned Haiti

Persecution of Christians in Morocco

Once Blind, But Now I See

Never Too Old to Give Back

Reaching a New Audience in West Africa

Listening Groups in Mozambique Receive the Word


Religion News Service: April 22, 2009
Some Preachers, Long Gone, Keep Preaching from Beyond the Grave   
Finding Spiritual Wealth in Africa

Storming a Portuguese "Castle" with the Gospel!

Fellowship and Baptism Brought to Rural Nepal

To the Uttermost: Missionaries take Dr. McGee to the Chuukese of Micronesia

Harvest Among Captives: TTB Programs Reach Italian Prisoners

A Partnership of Ministry to Karen Refugees in North Carolina

The Forgotten Ones (The gypsy people of Romania)

"Keep It in the Light" (Distribution of solar radios in gypsy communities of Romania)


Washington Post: Sunday, October 7, 2007
In the World's Rural Outposts, A Shortwave Channel to God